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We want to contribute to increased awareness of the large number of small Swedish companies with promising business ideas and great potential if they succeed. Source criticism and correct facts are important and we want to inspire more people to write about Swedish small companies on the same basis.

Selection criteria

When we are looking for small companies to analyze, we want the market value to be low compared to what has been invested to get the company to where it is today. The companies we analyze are in early phases of their development.

Our selection criteria are preferably several of the following:

  • New solution to a known problem.
  • New technology.
  • Helping their customers benefit from new trends.
  • Sustainable alternative.
  • Products that can be sold many times in a short time.
  • Roots in Swedish research.
  • Has patents of importance to the business.
  • Large net assets in relation to the market value.
  • Great future growth potential if they implement their business idea.

What you get when you read our analyses

Oceans of time is an exaggeration. But you don't have to spend all the time we've already spent. We have already found the company, read, summarized, analyzed, summarized more and published for you to read. We spend a lot of time doing an analysis that allows you to discover the company.

Why we do it

Throughout my professional life and in several leisure interests, analysis has been a common denominator. It is fun. With time and feedback it will be fine. What is good for one person may be good for others and that is why we publish the analyses.

Our small company analyzes can be found on the page with all analyses


Our educations introduce various topics related to saving on the stock market.

Short section theory

We write about what we perceive as generally accepted knowledge on an overview level. We try to write so that our readers can use what we write to search for more information.

We want to contribute to increased knowledge and believe that an introduction to the subjects is enough for someone who is new and curious about the field to get an overview. With short theory sections, we give examples of what can be learned.

What you get when you study our educations

A small taste. We have thought about what we would like to know before we started saving on the stock market. Then we wrote. Shortened down. Feedback taken. Changed, shortened, took more feedback. In the end, it becomes something that is worth something to those who read it.

Why we do it

Savings on the stock market have increased sharply in recent years. Education in risk and risk management can lead to more small savers acting in a long-term sustainable way with their savings on the stock exchange. Education about small companies can mean that there are more than us who discover what an exciting world there is on the stock exchange's smaller lists.

Our short educations can be found on the page with all educations

Consulting services

Hire an experienced IT consultant or collaborate with us on SaaS concept development.

Concept development SaaS

Concept development, analysis and design within SaaS - software as a service. Done right, there are large margins and potential for growth.

We help you through the design process - from idea to reality.

  • Insights about users
  • The user journey
  • Requirements analysis
  • Usability tests together with users
  • Backlog
  • User stories with clear acceptance criteria
  • Estimation of time consumption together with system developers
  • Architecture and IT security
  • Priorities and boundaries
  • Agile way of working
  • Analysis with a focus on usability, feasibility and revenue streams.

We are happy to be a partner in one or more companies with a good idea that can be realized with SaaS. We can contribute with analysis, design and concepts we have seen and believe in.

Succeeding with an idea is 10% about the idea and 90% about the implementation.

Please read more about the design process at SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation svid.se

Our consultants

Daniel Georgssons has started the company and is a consultant with years of experience. Many years as a consultant have given many contacts to other experienced consultants and therefore there is a network of experienced consultants who can supplement with their expertise in consulting services we take via georgsson's consultant.

Read more about our consultants

IT consultant

Our own website gives us the opportunity to continue learning things that we can use in concept development and for our customers

  • Mobile adaptation: Responsive design with content that works on mobile and larger screens.
  • Accessibility: Contrasts and design elements that also work for people with visual impairments or other challenges.
  • Visibility: With search engine optimization (SEO), we can help search engines find and understand the content of the website.
  • Income: Advertising from ad networks can provide passive income.
  • Get paid: With company-linked swish you can get paid.
  • Evaluate: Web analytics tools to evaluate how the website is used and decide on improvement measures.

Please copy our code

If you show the source for the page, it's probably because you're curious and want to learn about how we've done it. It's fun and we've included a little story about L2A2L - Learn To Ask To Learn.

IT consultants from Include IT

Consulting services as an IT consultant are delivered via the fully owned IT company Include IT

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IT consultants for hire

Experienced IT consultants in technical management, requirements analysis, architecture and system development.


The company Georgssons konsult AB

Georgssons konsult is a privately owned limited company that was started in 2013 and offers consulting services. In 2021, we expanded with analyzes and trainings and these are our first products.


The company name and logo are our branding by Georgsson's consultant. The logo is purchased and appears in different variants with or without the company name.

Georgssons consultant logotype

Press material

Company name and logo are our branding and there are several formats to choose from. Get in touch if you want to write about us and we will agree together on how the company should be portrayed and described outside of our website.

Company details

We are registered for F-tax, VAT and as an employer. We have liability insurance.

Postal address:

Georgssons Konsult AB
c/o Daniel Georgsson
Granatgatan 36 lgh 1202
55453 Jönköping

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