This page is about you always being fully responsible for your own investment decisions.

Educational purpose

We publish educations and analyzes for educational purposes.

Source material

Information published in our analyzes comes from the companies' published information. Georgsson's consultant takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the source material that is interpreted and analyzed.

Own holding

If the person who writes the analysis owns shares in the company when the analysis is published, we report it in the analysis.

Critical review

Our analyzes alone should not form the basis for investment decisions, nor should they be interpreted as calls for buying or selling decisions. Each investor is encouraged to be source-critical and form their own opinion of the analyzed company.

Riscs with stock trading

Saving in the stock market is always associated with risc. Georgsson's consultant fully disclaims responsibility for investments made based on information we have published. If you choose to invest in an analyzed company, this is done at your own risc. Georgsson's consultant is not responsible for any losses that may arise from investment decisions based on information from us via this website or other channel.


If we make changes to our disclaimer, we will update this page at the same time.