Daniel Georgssons has started the company and is a consultant with years of experience. Many years as a consultant have given many contacts to other experienced consultants and therefore there is a network of experienced consultants who can supplement with their cutting-edge expertise in the consulting jobs we take via georgsson's consultant.

Daniel Georgsson

Experience, breadth and depth create value

Daniel Georgsson has years of experience in IT and system development. Broad and deep knowledge of technical management, agile methods, requirements analysis, architecture and system development. Appreciated and results-oriented workshop leader. Commitment and analytical ability focus on what provides value.

Situational communication

Daniel likes results and wants what is produced to be useful. He is positive, thorough and expresses himself well in speech and writing. Daniel adapts to the situation according to the recipient and distinguishes at a detailed level for communication in strategic, tactical and operational contexts.

Wiser together

Together, the team is wiser than each individual. What is important and urgent first in dialogue between the team, product owners and users. L2A2L - Learn To Ask To Learn has been a key word since early in her career and encourages learning between consultants and employees.

Analysis in all forms

Daniel Georgsson is a consultant with years of experience in analysis in various forms. In system development, analysis is Daniel's strong point and in his spare time, analysis has been a common denominator in several interests. For the past ten years, the interest in analysis linked to the stock exchange and small companies has been a great interest.

Daniel Georgsson

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